Monday message 01.24.2022

We want to celebrate the beautiful work that was presented and show our thankfulness for your attendance at last week’s Antelope Valley Union High School District board meeting, both in person and virtually. Your support really helps to showcase to the AVUHSD Executive Board why this proposed school is so valuable to the community.
As writer Niedria Dionne Kenny said, “You don’t need followers, you need supporters. Followers wait for you to make it happen. Supporters see to it that you make it happen.” All of our phenomenal speakers and attendees did just that for us when you told your stories and shared your support.
We would like to thank our public speakers for their steadfast support in all of their roles within our organization or partnerships:
  • Nykole Kent, iLEAD Lancaster School Director
  • Latorra Saxton, iLEAD Lancaster founding parent and president of the iLEAD Lancaster Board
  • Emma Y., iLEAD Lancaster 7th grade learner
  • Margaret Wassner, iLEAD California Facilitator Coach and Community Theater Board Member
  • Gregg Johnson, Program Manager, Arts Education, L.A. County Department of Arts and Culture

What’s Next

Next steps include planning to attend the iLEAD Petition Decision at the regularly scheduled AVUHSD Board meeting on Feb 16th at 5 p.m. We are excited for what the future holds!

Missed the Board Meeting? Watch Our Presentation

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