Monday message 02.21.2022

Dear iLEAD Synergy Families and Supporters,

We wanted to share some unfortunate news with you: Sadly, the Antelope Valley Unified School District Board of Directors voted last Wednesday to deny iLEAD Synergy’s petition to open our incredible new school.

We remain convinced that our charter application is strong, and iLEAD has a proven track record of excellence. However, the new charter approval law allows districts to deny applications simply based on the premise that it will have a financial impact on the district. Further, we believe the slim margin of denial in last week’s vote shows that there is support for us among the board.

Please know that we plan to aggressively appeal this decision and will begin that process in the very near future. The board’s decision does not detract from all of your hard work and dedication; you made your voices heard through letters, calls, and during public meetings, and we are so appreciative of your tireless efforts. We also want to thank our amazing team members who worked day and night in order to ensure our petition would be heard. While we’re disappointed in these developments, we are undeterred and unwavering in our commitment to bring this incredible project-based, visual and performing arts educational model to our community.

We also want to extend a special thank you to AVUHSD board members Dr. Victoria Ruffin, Amanda Parrell, and student board representative Mr. Martinez. We appreciate your support.

We will keep you posted as we appeal this unfortunate decision, and we will not stop working until we make the dream of iLEAD Synergy a reality. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact us at

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