Meet the iLEAD Synergy Board Members

Dr. Elizabeth D. Taylor spent her entire career advancing the learning development, and betterment of peoples around the world as a university professor and administrator,
business owner, visionary educational leader, media producer and author. She is the Founder and President of Wisdom-To-Go, a not-for-profit human potential organization.

For 30 years, she was a professor at several universities in the US and abroad teaching a variety of subjects in business management and organizational development. As a University Guest Lecturer, public speaker, seminar leader, executive coach and dialogue specialist, Dr. Taylor worked with corporate leaders and staff on leadership and progressive strategies, organizational effectiveness and transformation, diversity and women’s empowerment, conflict management, human resources management, life skills training, complex problem-solving, and vision work.

Dr. Taylor was a nationally syndicated radio talk show host for 7 years, discussing topics of the day concerning personal growth and development needs. In her research and quest for ever-expanding cogent knowledge. Dr. Taylor engaged indigenous communities abroad centering on personal growth and indigenous wisdom and spirituality in Central America, South America, Europe, Asia, Hawaii, Africa, the Caribbean, and the Middle East. She was invited to facilitate ‘reconciliation’ dialogues in South Africa by the SA Minister of Education at the end of apartheid.

Dr. Taylor most recently spent over five years in the Middle East involved with an international campaign to educate, and uplift Saudi women, where she was a consultant and acted as a liaison between universities and corporations in the Kingdom to establish enrichment and educational programs for women.

Dr. Taylor holds a Ph.D. from the Union Institute & University in Organizational Psychology and Leadership, and a Master of Science from University of San Francisco in Human Behavior and Organizational Development. She is a specialist in Jungian depth psychology, metaphysics and mysticism, classical theories of human growth, behavioral sciences, and organizational development. She is an award-winning author with several books under her wings, including, “Straight Up! Teens’ Guide to Taking Charge of Their Lives”, for which Dr. Taylor received the American Library Award.

Under the Abaya is a colorful telling of Dr. Taylor’s 5-year immersion into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Formula 9: Fortified Conscious Living for Modern Generations was launched in 2017 as a university textbook. From its success among college students, it is now on the scene as a commercial resource for larger audiences.